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Premium Lining Brush made of high-quality natural hair is ideal for accurate drawing of lines. The perfect eyeliner is no longer a problem. The elegant metal handle has a silvery finish and are very light in weight.

Tip: We recommend cleaning your brushes with Minifies Brush Cleaner, just spray and wipe, then ready to use again.

We do not have a physical store at present, but we are happy to send samples of suitable items to help your choice of colour or product.

Please feel free to call 0800 MAKEUP (625387) and talk to us or leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible, or email us at

Where do Kryolan and Ben Nye products come from?

Kryolan is from Germany and Ben Nye is American

Are they tested on animals?


Can I return products if I change my mind or no longer need them?

No, we do not refund if a customer changes their mind. Products are replaced or refunded in the unlikely event they are found to be faulty.

Aren't Minifies make-up products only suitable for stage and screen?

Kryolan and Ben Nye were designed for use on stage and screen. However both brands have expanded their ranges, and used their vast experience, to provide a wide range of foundations and other makeup suitable for everyday wear.

Is Kryolan foundation thick?

No, it isn't. Kryolan foundations are highly pigmented so the coverage is excellent without being heavy.

Which type of foundation is most suitable for mature skins?

In the Kryolan range, we would recommend, the Ultra Fluid foundation, the high definition smoothing foundation, or the high definition creme foundation. If the skin is dry, the Ultra foundation could be suitable if applied finely.

In the Ben Nye range, we recommend the HD matt foundation ranges. All these foundations are available in an extensive colour range. It is essential to apply a good quality primer such as Kryolan HD Micro Primer.

Which foundation is recommended for an oily skin?

Kryolan Ultra fluid, the High Definition Matifying or the Dual finish makeup which is a powder makeup containing no oils. Ben Nye HD matt foundation is also suitable. It is essential is use an appropriate primer such as the Kryolan Perfect Matt under the foundation and the use of a setting powder such as Kryolan Anti shine or translucent powder.

How do I achieve a natural no makeup look?

Kryolan has an Ultra Tinted moisturiser which contains sunscreen so suitable for every day wear. It is very light in texture but will even out the skintone. For a dewy look you can mix a little shimmering event foundation with the tinted moisturiser.

Why are makeup primers so important?

They smooth the skin and prepare it for the foundation application. The foundation glides on easier and lasts longer. You tend to use less product too.

My foundation appears white and ghostly in photos, why is this?

It is because your foundation contains an SPF causing the foundation to bounce in photos. The skin can also appear greasy when photographed outside in bright sunlight due to reflection. The only foundation sold at Minifies containing SPF is the Kryolan Tinted Moisturiser.

I have an ugly scar which is red and slightly raised, how can I disguise this?

It is very difficult to disguise a raised area. The reddness can be disguised by applying a suitable Kryolan dermacolour shade to match the skin tone. This is set with dermacolour powder. The area is then waterproof. Dermacolour is a highly pigmented product especially designed to cover scars, birthmarks and tattoos.

I have red cheeks and my foundation doesn't cover it?

Apply Ben Nye Mellow Yellow prior to your foundation application. Mellow yellow normal is suitable for darker skins and those with very red cheeks. Mellow yellow fair is suitable for lighter skintones or slight reddness.

I have read that eye primers are important, why is this?

An eye primer will smooth the skin on the lid prior to the eye makeup application. It will make the application of eye makeup easier and it will last longer without the shadow creasing. Kryolan produce an excellent product called quite simply Eye Shadow Primer.

What is the difference between Kryolan Ultra setting spray and Kryolan Fixier spray?

Both products set makeup. Ultra setting spray is suitable for setting makeup on the face, it has less alcohol than Fixier spray. It is also available in a vaporizer spray can for an even finer application. If using a cream based product, it must be set with powder before spraying. It can also be mixed with Aqua colour to make it even more durable. 

Fixier spray is recommended for the body, it is much stronger, perfect for water proofing Aqua color. We also sell Final Seal by Ben Nye which is suitable for the face and body.


Are your lipsticks long lasting?

Yes, our Kryolan lipsticks are very long lasting and we have over 100 colours to choose from. Always apply your lipstick with a lip brush, blot and reapply for a professional finish.

I need a waterproof foundation suitable for stage, what do you suggest?

Kryolan Supra colour applied with a brush or a sponge and set with translucent powder.

Do you sell "Butt" glue?
Yes we do, we call it Leotard glue.

I'm wanting to buy a new foundation that I've seen on your website but am unsure of the colour? Do you do samples and how much do they cost?
We can send you some samples. We require, your details such as name, address and what type of coverage you are after, plus your skin type. A photo of  you with no makeup also helps. We are happy to send out some samples. This service is free of charge.
I used to live in a another country where I used Kryolan. I have been on your website but cannot find my foundation colour. Can you get it for me?
Kryolan produce such an extensive colour range for their foundations that we are unable to stock every colour produced. If you know exactly what colour you are we can order it in for you. Some colours are made for specific countries only but we can request them. It can take several weeks for a special order. Payment is requested prior to the order being made.
I am a Beauty Salon owner and want to start stocking your lovely products to sell on to my clients. How do I go about being a wholesale customer?
The first step is to pop in and pick up a wholesale application form or down load one from our website.
Once we receive the completed form, we do a credit check on you by contacting your referees. Once approved you will be informed and you can start shopping. The first order must be a minimum of $500 before GST and must be paid upfront. You are required to spend a minimum of $2500 before GST per year to maintain your wholesale status. After your first order you generally are given an account and sent statements monthly.
If I place an order with you, how long does it take to wait for delivery?
If the product is in stock, and is small enough to fit into a courier bag, it is processed the same day and you should receive the items the next day. If you have a rural address or the items are large and need to be boxed e.g. a makeup case, then it usually takes two days. If we are out of stock, we contact you and where possible offer you an alternative.
I have seen Ben Nye  Banana Powder elsewhere on line, much cheaper. Why is yours more money?
We are the NZ distributors for Ben Nye and Kryolan. We purchase all our products directly from the manufacturers. Therefore, all our branded products are authentic. If you have seen any Ben Nye or Kryolan products much cheaper than ours then they are probably fake, which means their ingredients are unknown and can be unsuitable for use on the skin. Banana powder is a very popular product and there have been many reports of fakes worldwide. It is essential that if you are buying online, check who you are buying from. If the price is too good to be true, then avoid it. Your skin is more important. Kryolan Paint sticks are also flooding the market with fakes.
I am getting married soon and need to cover a tattoo on my shoulder. Can you help?
Yes we can. You need Dermacolor which is a highly pigmented product which will cover the tattoo and stay in place all day. Dermacolor also offers a Fixier spray which will make the makeup even more durable. Colour matching is essential.
I am a Makeup Artist but I get confused with all the adhesives available. We only used spirit gum at my school. Which is best?
There are many different types and brands of adhesives suitable for the face and body.
here at Minifies we sell three types of spirit gum. 
1) Mastix spirit gum which is a good all round spirit gum for attaching hairlace wigs for stage, facial hair, and prosthetic pieces. 
2) TV matt spirit gum is similar in appearance but is recommended where you need the gum to dry very matt. e.g. For film and TV work where lights are used and close ups are common. Both are removed with spirit gum remover. 
3) Water soluble spirit gum. This is used for training purposes or where a strong bond is not seential. It can also be used to assist in the blocking out of eyebrows.
Prosaide is a latex based adhesive which is suitable for attaching prosthetic pieces and bald caps. It is also suitable for sensitive skins. It is not recommended for use with hairlace as it can be difficult to remove from the lace. It is removed from the skin with Isopropyl Myristate.
Silicone Adhesive Regular Bond, this is an adhesive used to attach silicone pieces to the skin. It is removed with Silicone Adhesive remover.
Duo eyelash adhesive is designed to attach false eyelashes to the face. It can also be used to apply gems to the skin without causing any discomfort. It comes in clear, black and non latex versions. Duo can also be used as an ageing product. Use the same as you would liquid lates for fine lines around the eyes and on the face. perfect for TV close ups.

What is the difference between Liquid latex from Minifies and casting latex. Can I use casting latex on the skin as it is much cheaper?
Casting latex has a higher concentration of ammonia and is not suitable for direct use on the skin. It is designed to create prosthetic pieces. The liquid latex available at Minifies is from Kryolan and Ben Nye is not casting latex and is safe to use on the skin, but of course it can also be used for casting.
What is the difference between waterproof makeup and water resistant makeup?
If a makeup is waterproof then you can submerge it under water and it will not run or smudge. Water resistant makeup can cope with being splashed with water or liquid but may not last long if submerged under water for any length of time.
Kryolan Premium Lining Brushes - Kryolan - Minifies Makeup Store
Kryolan Premium Lining Brushes - Kryolan - Minifies Makeup Store
Kryolan Premium Lining Brushes - Kryolan - Minifies Makeup Store