Makeuplus Leotard Glue


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A favourite of gymnasts, our roll-on leotard glue is an invisible water-soluble adhesive used for keeping leotards and other clothing or body decorations in place. Leotard Glue stays flexible to move with your skin, and is designed to wash off in water.

Leotard Glue, also known as Butt Glue, is designed for keeping clothing and other body accessories in place and is great for gymnastics, dancers, and bodybuilders. If you have a body shape that suffers from the illusive wedgie, this is the answer you have been looking for. Shoulder straps slipping down? It will fix it. It is suitable for all kinds of fabrics and has multiple applications, bottom, shoulder, cleavage areas, it will even hold up your stockings.

  1. Lift the area of the garment you want to secure away from the skin.
  2. Roll the adhesive on the skin in an area that will be covered by the material of the costume.
  3. Press the costume down onto the glue for a few seconds to make sure it has adhered.