Kryolan Showgirl Eyelashes


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Have a browse through our extensive range of false eyelashes. They range from the most natural to enhance the eye through to the most dramatic stage and drag queen look. All are high quality and are designed to be reused again and again. Showgirl lashes are made to dazzle with length.

SG1: Black, extra-long synthetic lashes. Approx 30mm length.

SG2: Synthetic bi-colour lashes, pink with black tips. 3 extra-long feathers. Approx 40mm length.

Tip: Carefully peel away from the eye after use and gently pull off the adhesive. Store in tray supplied. Always peel from the outer corner of the eye to avoid stretching the delicate skin around the eye.

Kryolan Eyelashes - Kryolan - Minifies Makeup Store
Kryolan Eyelashes - Kryolan - Minifies Makeup Store