Kryolan Gelafix Skin


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Gelafix Skin is a material that is gentle on the skin and easy to apply. It is designed for creation of skin anomalies, especially for the simulation of severe burn injuries. Gelafix Skin is breathable and comfortable for the actor to wear. Gelafix Skin is first heated in the supplied bag in a water bath, until it has melted. Open the bag and pour the contents onto a plate. Check the temperature of the material and then apply it quickly to the skin with a spatula. After drying, apply a light coat of powder and then use Supracolor to provide the required color design. Finally, set with Translucent Powder. The moist effect of a fresh burn wound can be simulated by using transparent jelly. To remove, peel off the skin, or use plenty of warm water.


Kryolan Gelafix Skin - Kryolan - Minifies Makeup Store
Kryolan Gelafix Skin - Kryolan - Minifies Makeup Store