Kryolan Fresh Scratch 30ml


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Fresh Scratch is a fast-drying fake blood preparation used to create wounds like scabs, scratches and grazes.  The dark version is very effective for simulating the scab on a wound. The light version can also be used for simulation of fresh wounds, since the dried Fresh Scratch preparation retains its shine, allowing the artificial wound to still look fresh.  Fresh Scratch is easily applied with a stipple sponge or spatula and then allowed to dry. During the drying phase, the preparation should not be touched, since this will produce matt spots. After drying, Fresh Scratch will not stain upon contact. It can be completely removed from the skin with soap and warm water. A wonderful addition to the Special Effects kit or those going to gory fancy dress party. It does not contain any solvents.

Art: 4085.

Fresh scratch face blood sfx
Fresh scratch being used to create graze on cheek
Fresh scratch special effect blood light
Fresh scratch blood effect dark