Woochie Latex Prosthetic Pieces


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These Woochie Prosthetics are fantastic for giving a realistic effect! They are all a light beige colour and additional stage makeup and stage blood (not included) are recommended to achieve a more realistic effect. Additional Spirit Gum and Remover (not included) are suggested to attach the pieces. A customer favourite during the Halloween season.
Clown nose halloween prosthetic
Pixie nose prosthetic for special effects
Dopey Ears SFX prosthetic
Stage Warts with Halloween prosthetic appliance
Devil ears pointed ears prosthetic appliance
Ape Face Halloween SFX prosthetic
Stitches fake wound special effect prosthetic
Eye Balls Halloween prosthetic
Demon ears pointy ears SFX prosthetic
Stapled mouth Halloween prosthetic
Skin Wasp Halloween prosthesis
Body Hits special effects prosthetic
Grand opening fake cut injury SFX prosthetic
Slashed Wrists gory Halloween SFX
Rat Face Halloween prosthetic
Morning After fake wound injury blister effect prosthetic
Large Orc Ears pointed ears prosthetic
Large Ear Tips for fantasy fairy, pixie, space alien SFX prosthetic
Small Ear Tips for fantasy fairy, pixie, space alien SFX prosthetic
Large Witch Nose fake Halloween Prosthetic
Small With nose fantasy goblin gremlin prosthetic
Vampire Ears pointed ears prosthetic
Safety Pin Horror makeup for Halloween
Ninja Star Halloween prosthetic
Bullet shot Exit Wound injury Halloween prosthetic