Kryolan Body Illustration Make-up 5 Colour Palette


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Body Illustration Make-up Color (BIC) is a compact alcohol make-up that allows the artist to create special colour effects on the skin, like simulations of skin, arteries, veins, injuries with colour anomalies, and tattoos. BIC is ideal for painting prosthetic pieces made of silicone and also Cine-Wax and other wax components. After drying, Body Illustration Make-up Color is smudge- and waterproof. BIC should be applied with a BIC Activator moistened brush. After picking up some color BIC needs to be applied rapidly to prevent it from drying on the brush. Hydro Make-up Remover Oil is recommended for easy removal. Body Illustration Make-up Color is also available in individual godets for the make-up artist’s own collection of colours or as refills of palettes.

This palette can be custom made.