Ben Nye Aqua Glitter Paint


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Dazzle your friends and stand out in a crowd with Ben Nye Aqua Glitter! Add sparkle to face and body painting or even use as a glitter liner! This high-quality cosmetic grade glitter liquid dries to a flake-resistant, durable finish and will not rub off. Just shake well and apply using light strokes over makeup or directly onto face, hair or body. Remove easily with warm water and cleanser. Available in 10 gorgeous colours in a generous 29ml bottle. Excellent for parties, dance, cheer and our lovable drag queens.

Tip: Shake well before use, clean the bottle neck and cap after use and replace the cap tightly to avoid evaporation.

a variety of liquid glitter colours
liquid glitter in gold
copper aqua glitter
galactic violet, a holographic light purple
silver glitter suspended in liquid
red glitter suspension
a bright blue liquid glitter
fuschia glitter in a dark pink
bright emerald green liquid glitter
deep purple glitter with pink reflects
bright green liquid glitter