Kryolan Eyeshadow/Blusher 20 Colour Palette


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Eyeshadow/Blusher Palette with 20 colors, ideal for professional use. The texture is a creamy pressed powder for dry application. The exceptional formula enhances a gentle application and produces a pleasantly soft feeling on the skin. The micronized pigments offer the possibility of applying this preparation not only with fashionable transparency, but also with vivid color emphasis. Standard palette (not pictured) contains Matt: TV Brown, TV Blue, Highlight, Olive, Light Blue, Romantic, Red Brown, Aubergine, Yellow, Anthracite. Pearl: Brown, Anthracite, Mild Blue, Dark Blue G, Aubergine G, Gold, Lilac, Mint, Golden Pink, Pearl. Or you can contact us to choose your own colours from the Kryolan range.