DUO Surgical Eyelash Adhesive


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Customer favourite DUO Striplash Adhesive is possibly the best eyelash glue going. A latex-based eyelash adhesive created for all-day wear with strip lashes, it can also be used to apply individual lashes. DUO Clear dries to be colourless after application. Dark dries to a black finish to blend with your eyeliner.

We also have Duo Latex-free adhesive which comes with a very handy brush making application a breeze.

Tip: Apply the duo along the band of the lash and allow to dry until it is tacky (one to two minutes) before application. The latex-free can be applied to the eye immediately.

Duo eyelash glue Clear 14g
Due eyelash glue Clear 7g
Duo Latex-free eyelash adhesive
Duo eyelash glue Dark 7g