Kryolan SFX Cream Color Circles


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A selection of 7 Cream Color Circles in the classic Supracolor cream make-up, in a handy round packaging with 6 colors. Cream Color Circles are perfect for the design of different effects, for example, burned skin, a black eye, or the creation of creatures, monsters and many more. The possibilities with Cream Color Circles are endless.You are limited only by your imagination. The bruise wheel is one of our most popular products. Art 1306

Tip: Remove with Makeup removing cream or oil.

Not tested on animals

Creme Colour Circle for creating special effects (SFX) makeup looks!
Makeup to create black eyes
Makeup to create Bruises
Makeup to create Burns and Injuries
Makeup to create Burned Skin
Makeup to create deathly characters like zombies, vampires etc
Makeup to create colourful characters
Makeup to create Zombies