Kryolan Alginate DE 450g


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A professional impression material for production of negatives with exact details. Scalp hair must be covered by a bald cap, eyelashes and body hair should be lightly covered with make-up remover. For making a facial impression, about 250 g of Alginate DE is mixed with cold water. Stir by hand quickly and vigorously, until a creamy mass is produced. The material allows a working window of around 5 minutes for mixing and taking the impression. Use both hands to apply Alginate DE, in such a way that approximately an equal amount is always being applied at any one time on both sides. Be sure not to apply Alginate DE in such a way as to close the model’s nostrils. After the mixed Alginate DE has been completely applied, it must then be reinforced with plaster bandages. As soon as the plaster has set, carefully remove the Alginate impression from the skin, and then immediately fill it with plaster. This produces the final positive. After the positive has completely hardened throughout, remove the Alginate negative and dispose of it properly. It cannot be used again.