Ben Nye Liquid Latex


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Your imagination is your only limitation with Ben Nye Liquid Latex. Easy and safe to use on the skin, dries to a natural finish. Create your own bald caps, prosthetic pieces, wounds and scars. An excellent product to use for ageing, simply pour a little into a bowl and apply (with fingertips) to the area you wish to age. Stretch the skin and dry gently with a cool hairdryer. Set with powder BEFORE releasing the stretch. If you do not powder, it can stick to itself. Excellent for sealing Nose & Scar Wax.

Tip: For slight ageing, mix with a little water. For extreme ageing, add pieces of torn tissue to the freshly applied latex while it is still wet.

It can also be used for nail art, simply paint a small amount around the cuticle and peel off after nails have been painted.

Ben Nye Liquid Latex - Minifies Makeup Store
Ben Nye Liquid Latex - Minifies Makeup Store